“Let’s create a better tomorrow” is the core philosophy on which “Tathastu India Foundation” was establish by some eminent artists of Delhi. The organisation is mainly dedicated to the up-liftment of downtrodden people, and works for slum kids to educate them and train them in various skills. The foundation is registered under “Indian Trust act” in national capital region of Delhi with a scope of work in pan India, and has more than 26000 member across the country and abroad who regularly participate and lead various initiatives.

Here in Tathastu India Foundation we try to educate, motivate and create leaders coming from common walks of life. Our hidden agenda is to create and boost confidence in common man and carve out the leader and talents hidden them. we also give scholarships and monetary support to self help groups for small scale startups by raising crowd fund, donations, and sponsor-ships by individuals and corporates. We believe we the people can bring the change, just need your help and support.