“Key of Success for the fed up ones”

A very Happy and Blissful morning to you all. To all the seekers of happiness and a successful life. I presume all of you reading this article or watching our video want to be successful in your lives, if that is so then I want you to put your hand on your heart and assure your self “Yes I am ready for the change,Yes My life is about to change, Good things are bound to happen to me. Now hoist your hand feel your heart and repeat after me please. “Yes I am ready for the change. Good things are bound to happen to me”.
Some people might take me for a mad person trying to portray some stupid character from a Harry potter flick right? thinking life doesn’t change by uttering some magical words. They are right life doesn’t change by mere utterance of some magical words but definitely changes when you believe in them, when you have full faith in those magical words. So have faith in yourself, in your words and in your actions. All of you who are present here, let me tell you I have full faith in you cause you are a person who took action, who made an effort to travel through the city traffic, postponed other errands and came here, for what? To listen to me? No you came here in search of betterment, you want to ameliorate your life, Improve it. You are curious, you want to learn how can it be done? and that thirst, that want makes you special, makes you stand out of the crowd. And the people who take action are the people who change the world. So I earnestly believe YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, IT IS BOUND TO HAPPEN TO YOU.
So here I present to you what I consider to be the Key fundamentals of a successful life. And let me tell you, I don’t believe but know they are true as they have been carved out of my own experience of life. I’m sure there might be more, but if we understand these fundamentals then we can surely have a very strong foundation upon which a successful life can be built. Now let’s analyse what are the key ingredients of the recipe for a successful life and what do we mean by a successful life in general.
What is success?
Before I give you the SECRET KEY of a successful life, I want to ask you all a question.
Are you really fed up with your current situation? This question is really of utmost importance right now. If you sincerely want to proceed in direction of a successful life. kindly introspect whether you are truly pissed of your mediocre life? pissed with un-productivity and poverty ? distracted focus, lack of energy and enthu. I want you to introspect earnestly, honestly, cause If your answer is yes “I am pissed” “yes I want to change” “yes I want to earn more” then this secret Key can work for you but in case your answer is, I am happy and content with my current situation and mediocrity has become my way of life and I am very much happy with it or I don’t know, may be, or no I don’t want to change right now, or i may consider in future then i am afraid this Key might not work for you. Cause a situation only changes when you are ready to change, you have to walk to reach the destination. So put some effort and show some will, this key desperately needs the energy of desperation, and a clear, vivid understanding that my life is not going any where. Please remember in life Only Intensive demands are fulfilled, lukewarm requests are granted dustbins.
Now that we have understood who are eligible people who can use this key. Let’s get back to our main topic “success for the fed up ones” “success for the desperate ones” allow me to elaborate and help you understand what do we actually mean by a “Successful life”
Success will mean different things to different people, for some may define success as being a loving and faithful spouse or a caring and responsible parent, while most people would equate success with Money, fame, & Power . They would want to achieve success so that they could live a prosperous life—have abundant money, drive some ultra expensive cars, and live in a palatial house or a castle on a sea side and have the power to control everyone else’s life.
But have you ever pondered can such a materialistic success, money motivated success really bring you happiness and peace of mind?
Had this philosophy been true then Steve Jobs would never have said: “Non-stop pursuit of wealth will only turn a person into a twisted being, just like me”.
A highly materialistic life or money motivated life will bring Pride and Ego and kill your humbleness & humanness. It will bring Tiredness, laziness, Anger and bad eating habits culminating to bad health. It will bring you a company fake people and tongues laced with sugar but remember sugar brings cancer and it will kill all your real relationships and infect you with an incurable disease called megalomania, megalomania is a psychological disorder when you think & believe that only you are right and everyone else is stupid or insane and you tend to behave in a self obsessed manner and feel powerful. Money will bring you power but with power comes anxiety, wrath, and insecurity to maintain it and remember Power is needed only when you want to do something bad otherwise Love is enough to get things done. Ultimately it will over shadow your real soul and stab your true Happiness & peace.
So now you have to decide what is it that you really want? An ultra materialistic, money motivated, megalomaniac life, with a sick desire to rule and control everything, secured under high walls of a castle and surrounded by hippocratic, ultra hygienic people, a life with constant struggle, pain and anxiety to maintain power. Or a Highly blissful life filled with love, harmony, peace and gratitude, a life with a happy family and healthy relationships, enough time for friends & self, and enough money to support a smooth life with less liabilities, no urge to control and no worries of future. Remember it’s your call, it’s your choice, as once Buddha had said
“Beware of your path, if you start you will end up reaching there”
In these modern times, traditional ideas of success involving impressive job titles and high salaries are being challenged by such ideas as “time affluence”. You should have enough time to pursue activities that are meaningful for you. You should have enough time for your relationships as your relationships your friends and family ultimately define your success they give meaning to your success, they support and hold you in your rough patches and celebrate & resonate your success, whatever tide may come high or low if you have a good crew, your ship will sail through. So value your relationships and your life will become valuable.
You must find out and DECIDE what is it, that is very very important to you, what is it, that you love and enjoy doing most, what is it, that you can do twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and three sixty five days a year. Once world’s top, tennis Hall of fame player, Monica Celes the one who had won 8 grand slams by the age of nineteen, she said “You have to want to play it all day, every day to get to the top, and It has to be fun”Find the fun thing you enjoy doing most give it your 120% and you will be the most successful person. When you pursue your passion, you learn fast, you never feel tired instead you feel elated and joyful. Your work becomes a fun activity, it becomes a play and you go on and on mastering and improving your craft. You stop seeking money rather you focus on perfection and quality and that very goal takes you to the top of your game, and money, respect and fame automatically chase you back.
So on the ending note I would like to conclude by saying. Stop being lazy, Stop procrastinating your goals, take action, believe in yourself, Let your passion be your guide, no matter what it is Music, Cooking, Nursing, drama, racing, Teaching or rocket engineering, learn hard work hard, let it hold your finger and guide you through the wilderness of society’s idea of ideal professions and take you to the top of your own mastery, let it help you bloom like a flower and remember this the only way you can achieve your best self, and a BLISSFULLY SUCCESSFUL LIFE.
~ Ravinder Singh~